This workshop was fantastic! Thankyou. It was amazing to hear the history of mothering and why mothers are struggling so much now. It has given me a much better understanding of the level of support I will need once my baby is born and how to ask for help. Thanks again Corinne
— J.

 Are you Pregnant in Bendigo?

Are you feeling prepared for birth but haven’t yet thought about what happens when you have your baby in your arms?

Do you want to feel confident and supported after your baby is born?

Want to learn how to reduce overwhelm and exhaustion and feel calm and peaceful?

The best bits of the workshop for me were the times we could reflect on what some of the ideas meant specifically for us and what our blocks might be or what we need as individuals. Thankyou for the opportunity to start doing that and to hear other mums thinking this stuff through.
— Liena

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The secrets to reducing overwhelm and exhaustion with a new baby

How you can get the support, confidence and love all mothers need

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