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HypnoBirthing® is a simple and effective childbirth education program that utilises a combination of breathing, visualisation and guided imagery techniques to bring deep relaxation during childbirth. It is a simple program that aims to restore trust in the ability of the body to birth the baby the way nature intended, calmly and gently without need for fear.

              What is HypnoBirthing®?

Over 5x 2.5 hour sessions, HypnoBirthing® teaches mothers to bring themselves into a state of deep relaxation that can be likened to being completely engrossed in a book or movie without paying attention to what is going on around them. The mother, with the support of a birth companion holds such focus on what is going on within her body that time goes quickly and energy is retained, her body is so relaxed that birthing is easy.

Some of the wonderful advantages of HypnoBirthing®
  • Teaches deep levels of relaxation to eliminate the fear that causes tension and pain

  • Greatly reduces and often eliminates the need for chemical painkillers and drugs

  • Shortens the first phase of labor

  • Leaves mother alert, fresh, awake with energy

  • Helps keep oxygen supplied to baby during birthing

  • Reduces the need for episiotomy

  • Reduces and often eliminates fatique during labor

  • Empowers parents with techniques to achieve a gentle, calm birth for themselves and their baby

  • Gives the birthing companion an integral role in the birthing

  • Embraces the concept of pre-birth parenting

  • Teaches breathing techniques that allow a woman to gently breathe her baby into the world without violence of hard, physical pushing

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