Corinne, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful support that you gave to me after Eliza was born in those early months when I needed it most. The encouragement, support and amazing wisdom shared meant so much to me (more than words can say) and was just what I needed at a time when I felt quite vulnerable.
At times when I found myself questioning or doubting myself as a new parent, you so beautifully encouraged me to keep following my intuition and to trust that. This supported me to mother in the way that felt so right for me and instilled me with so much confidence.
Your practical help and support was amazing; the reading suggestions, baby wearing demonstrations, meals, visits and phone calls.
Having your incredible support as a new mother was just the greatest gift. Thank you.
— Miriam, Intuitive mother

Corinne was a pillar of support for us both physically and mentally. Corinne provided wonderful after birth care from making us a colic tea, a salt bath blend, providing us with meals and helping out with cooking. We even got to learn baby massage techniques. This was all fantastic and greatly assisted us but we found her mental support was what really helped us the most in our time of need. With her kind and caring nature it often felt like you were just talking to a very good friend during such a huge transformation in your life.
We are both so grateful that we got to go through this experience with Corinne by our sides and would highly recommend her services to anyone.
— Larissa and Liam

FEEL SAFE, HEARD AND SUPPORTED Such an amazing and positive course. Thank you Corinne for all of the help, support and encouragement while being on this crazy adventure. The support we as a family received pre and post baby was absolutely incredible, just knowing I could picked up the phone 24/7 and feel safe, heard and supported. I highly recommend Corinne to anyone who is expecting.
— Alicia and Brad Campbell, parents to one serious cutie tootie

In Corinne’s classes you learn how to breath and how to focus your mind on the moment of meeting your baby, these skills are so valuable and helped me immensely.
She also provided some after birth care and her knowledge and support again shined through. By the end of my time with Corinne I felt I had met a wise friend who gave the beautiful gift of a calm birth of my precious daughter. Many thanks to Corinne!
— Emma D, Perfect mum to little Naz

When my wife suggested we do HypnoBirthing classes I was skeptical but Rebekah had heard good things and it so happened friends of ours were also signing up for the course. With a history of unsuccessful pregnancies and the anxiety that brings to each consecutive pregnancy, we agreed there was nothing to lose in giving it a go.

We soon discovered Corinne’s calm, thoughtful and engaged approach to birthing broadened our scope of understanding and opened up a dialogue that built confidence as active participants in a process where previously, for the most part, we had felt mere observers of something that was happening to us.

From subtle shifts in perspective, breathing techniques and for my part, how to best play the supporting role; these were all invaluable tools in preparing for and during the main event of the arrival of our beautiful girl.
— Kane and Rebekah Roelofs, luckiest parents in the world

Without the guidance and assistance of Corinne, I may possibly not have birthed my daughter naturally. I am forever grateful for the support, strength, and encouragement from this wonderful woman. Not only has she experienced a natural birth with her gorgeous son in 2011, but she was at the end of the phone whenever I needed her.
I was hospitalised for 8 days before Evana was born and with the constant suggestions, persuasions and threats of induction and caesareans night and day from midwives and doctors, Corinne held true to her word and supported me every step of the way. She provided me with guided meditations and even a beautiful image of a baby with its head down (fixed) and coming through the birth path which I made my phone screen saver and meditated every day on. She guided me to encourage my baby “down and out” out loud so I could turn inwards and ignore the hospital staff supposed “experts”.
My body and my baby eventually went into natural labour and still there was threat of a c section. During the stage when I needed to breathe my baby down, Evana was still posterior and not moving as fast as THEY (the doctors) would have liked. I continued to focus on a natural birth and breathed baby down, admit that my body could birth my baby.  I refused to be taken to theatre for a caesarean, and rightly so…. I met my daughter sunny side up and she came to my arms and breastfed for 2 hours, all due to Corinne’s advice,support and education.
I can’t thank this inspirational woman enough, because without her words of wisdom in the back of my mind, i just may have succumbed at some point and not had the birth that I always dreamed of. The amazing high of natural hormones that I felt upon receiving my daughter in my arms lasted for days, unlike the feeling I experienced after my first daughters induced labour and epidural comedown! I feel very deeply connected to my daughter and she is a thriving healthy girl muchly due to the natural way she came into this world and she breastfeeds beautifully whenever she desires. I would highly recommend Corinne’s courses and birth support to anyone.
— Lauren Verona, Yogi and mother to two girls

Absolutely loved the hypnobirthing course we did with Corinne, she kept it amusing and interesting, whilst providing valuable information. Had a wonderful birth experience, using plenty of the techniques and ideas taught in the course. Highly recommended!

Dads: I whole heartedly recommend Corinne and her expertise. We have had 2 children and used Corinne both times. We were so well informed about what to expect during pregnancies that we were able to be organised in the practical ways as well as mentally prepared for what was coming. Not all births go to plan and we were ready for that too. We were relaxed enough to let things happen naturally and both labours were a beautiful journey together towards parenthood.
Corinne has such a great way of making you feel welcome and valued. She listens carefully and I felt like no question was out of bounds or regarded as ridiculous.
I felt like I was there to help with labour in the practical ways as well as helping to prepare ourselves mentally. If you want to be a hands on dad, if you have an open and inquisitive mind and want to have a real connection with mum and child, then start here. It is so worth it.
— Mike 2X HypnoBirthing dad and excellent human

Corinne has such a wealth of knowledge and is so generous with her time and sharing all she knows. I’d highly recommend her to anyone hoping to do her classes. 
— Vannessa Mother of 3 little beauties

11/10 can not recommend Corinne enough. Corinne always went above and beyond to ensure we got the most out of our classes. Thanks for empowering us on our birthing journey.  
— Alicia and Ash, parents to one tiny human

Where do I start?! Corinne was amazing! Being my first baby, she calmed me down and taught me how our bodies and babies work together in this amazing experience. Bringing a life into this world can be daunting in itself, with Hypnobirthing it made a huge difference for me. Corinne went above and beyond during pregnancy, through labour and post natal, I don’t want to imagine what my birthing experience would have been like without her guidance. Thank you, I will be back when we decide to have another bundle of joy! Xx
— Jenny, mother to one perfect human

I had a pretty good birth with my first daughter but found the pain was quite overwhelming at times and I had difficulty with the pushing stage and needed an episiotomy.  I felt like there must be something more that could be done naturally to facilitate a smoother birth.  That’s when I came across hypnobirthing.
After taking the classes with Corinne, I felt so empowered and actually excited to give birth a second time.  Both my husband and I were equipped with much more knowledge to discuss my birth preferences with the medical staff which was invaluable when it came time to my birth.
My second birth was AMAZING – much quicker, much calmer and I felt wonderful afterwards.  It was such a comparison to my first birth where I couldn’t sit down comfortably for 6 weeks!  If you’re not sure whether to do the course, just do it.  You won’t regret it.
— Catherine McCathie, supermum to 2 girls

After hearing about the new business of Intuitive Birthing, we were so excited about the opportunity to give HypnoBirthing a go after a traumatic first birth. My husband and I wanted to ensure that we had the skills to remain calm and eliminate any fears that may arise during the labour and the birth of our second child.
The HypnoBirthing classes allowed us to release our fears and concentrate on the amazing birth we were going to have. Corinne gave us a new understanding of childbirth. Together with the information provided and her own experience; I was able to trust my own body, allowing it to do the work, without the interference. This gave me the confidence to calmly birth our beautiful baby boy, naturally.
We felt confident that we had the knowledge to make the right birth choices for our situation. I was in control at all times, I was relaxed and ready to do it all again immediately after the birth. We couldn’t have imagined a more perfect birth and we will be forever grateful for the amazing HypnoBirthing journey and support that Corinne provided. Not only are the relaxation techniques useful for labour but also for releasing everyday pressures! Thank you so much, Corinne.
— Sonia and Gareth, parents to 2 HypnoBirthing babies and one extremely beautiful 8 year old