Nourishing Chicken and Corn Soup

I realised just the other day when I posted a picture of my favourite soup ( yes I have another one.. I’ll pop that up over the next few days) that so many people LOVE recipes and food ideas, especially new mums! So that is what has inspired today’s blog.

And I have to agree, I love seeing food ideas because when you can hardly think straight, coming up with creative food ideas is really tricky. I often forget our family favourites until I see a picture that reminds me of something I haven’t made for a long while, and start wondering how I forgot about it.

There’s something really special about a meal that is both nourishing and quick …and that everyone in the family will actually eat! Soup is quick and easy to make in the cooler months and perfect for nourishing bodies that are both growing babies and recovering from birthing them.

This recipe is a modified version of the Chicken and Corn soup my mother in law makes that my kids and I adore but its still a favourite here. I’ve modified it to save time and for our own dietary requirements. You can easily modify it for your dietary and time preferences too. It might be a bit tricky if you’re vegan, but I have another recipe for those of you who are vegan that you’ll absolutely adore.

This recipe is high in protein and wonderful collagen if you’re using a bone broth. If you, like me, are just using a carton of liquid stock, you can easily pop in some collagen powder either plant based or animal based depending on your dietary preferences. I don’t always have time to make bone broth or have any frozen so I will happily use store bought liquid stock, my favourite is the organic chicken bone broth but more often I buy the ‘Australia’s Own Chicken style stock’.

Soup is a perfect meal to prepare in advance whilst you’re pregnant to have portioned and frozen ready for a grab and defrost meal when your little baby is born. There’s few things more amazing than not having to cook when you’re in those early days of postpartum, just one less thing to try and do with a baby in your arms.

So here’s my Chicken and Corn soup recipe, which i have been known to leave corn out of on occasion… started making it and only to realise I had no corn hahaha (I’ll blame baby brain!!). I hope you love it as much as my family do.


Do you have a recipe that is nourishing and quick that is perfect for pregnant and postnatal mothers? I’d love for you to share your favourites with me.

For now, enjoy the recipe. I’ll see you at one of my postnatal planning workshops where you’ll learn some more amazing tips and tricks on how to turn your postnatal period from overwhelm to peace. Click here to book your spot