The Importance of Postnatal Planning


Do you have a vision or dream of what your life will look like once your baby is born? Does it look lovely and joyful and beautiful or does it look chaotic and full of uncertainty and exhaustion? Maybe you know it will be full of challenges but you don't know how to ask for the support you need to overcome them. Perhaps you would like to adopt a traditional postnatal period of confinement for the first 40 days..... whatever it looks like to you, have you planned for it?

Many couples spend a lot of time planning and preparing for birth (and rightly so) but they forget to plan and prepare for the postnatal period, when things can be most challenging and overwhelming. Whether your vision for after birth looks joyous or overwhelming you will benefit from preparing for this time by ensuring you have the support and encouragement you need to achieve the postnatal period YOU WANT and DESERVE. 

It is so common for women to experience isolation, exhaustion, overwhelm and uncertainty after their babies are born, this is not how women should be feeling at such a transformational and life changing time. Women deserve to feel loved and supported after their babies are born, but how do they receive that love and support?  
They prepare for it! Sounds simple right? 

When people plan to build a house, they may not know where to start at first. With some research and discussion with professionals and friends, they will find trusted builders and trades people and figure out what they need.  They then create a list of trades of people to call on to do the jobs that need to be done, OR they have a trusted builder who will organise the trades for them. Either way, they know who to call, when to call them, and how they can help (or their builder will help guide them through that). Preparing for the postnatal period should look similar.

Who are you going to ask for help when you're in need? 
When will you call them? 
And how can they help? 

These are questions you will be better able to answer BEFORE you are in the thick of overwhelm and exhaustion. It is so hard to think of how to problem solve when you are knee deep in overwhelm. 

I would love to help you explore your dreams and desires for your postnatal period and help you navigate and determine what your supports will look like for you. Come along to the workshop to get really clear on how you can achieve your desires for this very beautiful time.

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