The Birth of Banjo

My waters broke at 11:30pm on Tuesday. I rang the midwife and she said to have a couple of panadol and go back to sleep for a few hours. That was not going to happen! The contractions started 15 minutes after my waters broke and they were almost constant. I tried timing them but it was almost impossible there were hardly any breaks.

At 2:30am I decided we’d go to the hospital to at least see how dilated I was so I knew where we were at. As soon as we got there the midwife said they were quite close for early labor and when she did an internal I was 5cm! Woo I was half way! I decided to hop in the bath and that was amazing, it was so relaxing.

The next couple of hours I floated in the bath holding my partner's hand and let my body do what it had to do. It was the most beautful experience. I kept saying it through the labor and “wow I can’t believe how my body just knows!” The midwife thought I was strange I think! My partner was just concerned because I was talking about having our next while I was birthing our first! He's thinking "oh we’re going to end up with a whole tribe if it’s this easy!".

I went from 5cm to 10cm in 1.5hrs and our baby boy Banjo was born at 5:24am. I remember asking at one point what stage of labor I was at and the midwife said transition! I did a fist pump and said hell yes if this is transition I've got this in the bag! There was not one second where I was scared or where it hurt. It was just beautful.

I didn’t get one little tear or graze either and he was a healthy 8 pounds 5! I was up and walking around in an hour and felt totally fine. I can honestly say I completely loved every second of the birth and I cannot wait til the next one!