The Birth of Banjo

I remember asking at one point what stage of labor I was at and the midwife said transition! I did a fist pump and said hell yes if this is transition I've got this in the bag! There was not one second where I was scared or where it hurt. It was just beautful.

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The Birth of Dakota Ivy

After a couple of very concerning doctors visits Larissa went on to birth her beautiful daughter without the much feared and unwanted caesarian that she had been ‘threatened’ with. Here is her beautiful story:

‘I had my baby girl on the 11th(of September), waters broke abit on the 9th my due date but bubs head was blocking the rest coming as she was so low. Didn’t start real labour, my surges were very mild and irregular, I stayed in hospital over night as I went in on the 10th, and was on my own when labour kicked in at 3:30 am the 11th, after being told I had till 7am to have baby or have a c- section as it was 48 hrs after my waters first broke, I was given antibiotics so didn’t get infection, they were very strong and lot of it was felt in my back. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen and I was put on monitors, was listening to the birthing affirmations and rainbow relaxation, I breathed best I could and felt better if I stood up.

I texted Ritchy throughout. He couldn’t get there as we only had a baby sitter set for 7:30 to stay with Xavier at home. My surges felt like time passed quick and the midwives didn’t check my for dilating as I was not having regular surges yet. I had some close together and stronger and longer then I went to toilet and already felt that urge to push or bear down. It all happened so fast I couldn’t think, I wasn’t that relaxed fully to be out of it enough to fully control the urge not to push, so my body pushed down and I breathed and went with my body, after being rushed to a birth room, Dakota Ivy was born 10 minutes later with only about 5 pushes.

Ritchy got there 1.22 minutes late poor thing was upset he missed it, I felt such joy and healing after a c-section that I did it. I did it alone and the breathing and visualisation help me. I had a good midwife that helped me in the delivery room, they were shocked and amazed how it happened. I did it on no pain relief or gas. I only had a small tear on the inside, Ritchy helped me through that stage which was great and had to use gas for that part. Thanks so much for ur course and ur guidance. Larissa’

A huge congratulations to Larissa, Ritchy and Xavier on welcoming little Dakota Ivy. May she always brighten your day a little more than the day before.

(This birth story is from 2014 and has been moved over to this new website)