The Birth of Evie

Sharnie was one of the mothers who ended up doing my course by correspondence whilst I was on maternity leave and I had no-one close by practicing HypnoBirthing the Mongan Method to refer her to. She did amazingly well and was happy to share her beautiful birth story for which I am truly grateful. 

‘I just wanted to let you know about my wonderful little girl Evie, She was born March 27th, 11days after her estimated due date! Firstly would like to thank you and positive birth team for allowing me to gain the confidence and knowledge about birth, without this my birth wouldn’t have gone as smooth and exciting as it did, as I would of got pressures to induce labour!

It all started Wednesday night 11.30pm I just finished watching pretty women on tv and I closed my eyes to go to sleep for the night! Not even 5min later I felt this weird tightness in my tummy! I stood up thinking I had to go to the toilet, but no I just made it onto the tiles on my bath room where I felt a huge warm gush water it went everywhere I yelled out to Matt I think my waters broke! As I didn’t have any more contractions I got changed and tried to rest up! But no not even 5 mins I had another one and more waters! The surge’s became 5min apart and we headed to the hospital but stopped 2 times on the way so I could walk through my contractions!

Getting to the hospital around 1am the nurses really respected my birth plan and me and Matt were allowed space to walk, take showers and try back rubs (didn’t like this much) I felt I couldn’t lay down it was pinching my back then the nurse informed me the baby was semi posterior so I walk, and walked, I breathed and sat on the toilet and lent over everything haha this baby was turning! My labour went great and before I new it I was 10cm dilated I had a huge smile on my face when they told me! At 9.23am my baby girl Evelyn Joan Carr was born! I don’t think I would of had a smooth non traumatic labour that occurred in it's own time with out Hypnobirthing, your text book and the sessions of bendigo positive birthing and it shows with my happy healthy baby girl who came out so alert and ready to take on the world with me!! So thank you!’